Soft Flour Butter Tortillas

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  1. Sift all the dry ingredients together.
  2. Pour into the stand mixer bowl.  Attach dough hook.
  3. Add grated butter to dry ingredients and mix on low for 30 seconds and then add water.  Pouring it all in at once.
  4. Mix on low for 5 minutes.  You will know your dough is ready when it cleanly pulls away from the side of the bowl, but still stick to the bottom.
  5. This is a very soft dough with a smooth texture.  You may have to adjust your flour or water accordingly to achieve the correct consistency.  Adding only a teaspoon at a time.  You just want to work the dough to the point of being soft, but not sticky.  If your dough is lumpy it’s too dry.
  6. Divide dough into 18-20 balls and cover with cling wrap for at least an hour.
  7. Roll out dough ball between two sheets of parchment paper.  Peel off top layer of parchment and place tortilla, dough side down, on hot cast iron skillet.  After a few seconds peel back parchment paper (make sure you don’t start the paper on fire).  Let tortilla brown for 10-15 seconds.  Flip over and cook the other side for an additional 10-15 seconds.
  8. Remove from heat and place on a clean cotton kitchen towel, fold towel over to cover, and let cool.